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June 2011 Art Show Preview: Andrew Cain

June 10, 2011


How did you get started?

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and in high school I took an AP art class. We took field trips, which sparked interest in it, went to local junior college (Modesto) and from there had an opportunity to study in Australia (for 3 years).  

Is there a medium you prefer?

I started as a painter, then got stuck in a printmaking class (ed note – international students got short shrift in class selection) and ended up absolutely loving it. I’ve been doing that,and studied screen printing, etching. I try take what I see every day and put it on paper.

mixed media, emotive, 36x48in canvas.JPG

How did you get involved with the Modesto Art Museum?

They sent out a call for people, I’ve been working with them, the museum directors, to put on a mini print exhibition (up in Cotober). Working at the Modesto Art Museum, its kind of a low key group trying to tune people into the art of the valley.

I notice you have a website, what do you think of modern technology and its place in art?

I think it’s absolutely amazing, to be able to connect to people around the world and be able to have conversations with them.


What’s your ideal Saturday?

A drink and just hanging out to be honest with you, a barbeque maybe, and a drink.

Check out Andrew’s website here and visit the Modesto Art Museum from September 20th to October 2nd for the Mini Print Exhibit Andrew is helping curate.

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