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June 2011 Art Show Preview: Tina Horton

June 10, 2011

How did you get started?

I just graduated from Sac State with a Bachelor’s in Art Studio, through the process I explored creating art and it’s come up over time.
Is there a particular medium you enjoy, or have found your niche in?
You start out with pencils and all that other stuff, trying a little bit of this and that, I find more of an illustrative…I like ink because it’s kind of messy, and I like to get messy when I do art. I use a paintbrush or a quill tip pen, it’s more physical.

How did you arrive at the current series you have?

I’ve always been interested in the figure — so I started with that. I find more interest with the female figure, I’m really into Audrey Kawasaki. There’s always this melancholy mood, and I’m interseted in capturing it, playing with things over time. There’s a whole range of emotions, I try to interract the hair and the figure in different ways so there is a different relationship between the hair, and the body, and the figure with each piece.

What’s your ideal Saturday

Waking up late, making breakfast. Going on internet for awhile and spacing out, like terrible Youtube videos and Facebook.


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