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June 2011 Art Show: Photo Recap

June 16, 2011

Welcome to all of you came out to our show and to those who have joined our newsletter for the first time. We have some pictures of the show here, followed by some examples of art work for those of you who could not make it to our June show. For July I’d ideally like a volunteer  taking photographs of the show so we can on mingling and talking with our guests at the show, and for more show anecdotes to put on the recap!

I did not get a chance to take photos of the Wildlands Bake Shop goodies before our guests gobbled up all 300+ pieces of dessert that Jenn made. Please check out her blog here , unlike many catering I believe she also takes single orders for desserts like pies! Within the next two weeks we’ll have an interview with Wildlands Bake shop on this blog.

For those REVEL music fans, this was the final line-up at the June Show, you can click on the name to learn more about them:

3 Dollar Bills, For Sayle, Robert John, Artie Dorame, Rhino-Puppy (found every Thursday @ Open Mic, Coffee Garden), Stephen March, The Speak Low

The Speak Low will also be playing a show this Saturday, June 18th @ The Shine Cafe 8PM.

Pink Umbrellas from Capitol Pride 2011 Decorated Our Front Porch & Patio

Band: Three Dollar Bills

Band: For Sayle

Musicians and REVEL guests listening to music on the back patio.

The Speak Low performing indoors

Inside the Main Room

REVEL Aaron & REVEL Kent greeting people at the doorway.

A Few Images from Tina Horton's Art Contributions

Other Tina Horton Images

Some of Michael Shane's works taken at the REVEL stairs

Other Michael Horton Images

Andrew Cain, Collage Work

Andrew Cain, Drawings and Lithographs

Andrew Cain Paintings

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