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Photo Recap: Superfriends! AKA Our Returning Artists.

September 23, 2011

Let’s start the photo recap party!

For those who would like another taste, or for those who may have missed the show (shame on you!) we’re gonna take a tour of the artwork displayed by our returning artists. If you would like to schedule and in-person tour, we’re accepting tour/sales requests at for the next week or so. To view more works by the artists you can also click on the artist names for their websites.

Marianne Bland and her interview here.

Marianne Bland's "Social"

Poem Block Set, Each Were $20

Molly Brown and her interview here.

"Rockstar" -- One of My Personal Favorites!

Beautiful Handblown Glass Roses, sold for $20 each!

Andrew Cain his interview here.

"No Regrests" by Andrew Cain -- Sold!

"No Salvation," "Division," "Reapers" (His $20 Series)

Angela Casagrande! Unfortunately, her previous March show predated our artist interviews, we’ll have to rectify that if/when she shows at another Homecoming Show (yes we plan on more!).

Series of Casagrande Photos from Her Visit to the UK

From Her Roswell Series, trunk of her prints ranging from $20-30

Tina Horton and her interview here.

Some Pieces From Her "Hair" Series

$5 Dollar Prints From the Series

Jim Marxen and his interview here.

Jim Marxen, Beautifu Pieces In Our Upstairs Room!


Another Piece, Jim Also Had Various $20 prints.


We hope those of you who attended our 1st Homecoming show had an amazing time, we know we did! See you all in October! It’s rolling up sooner than you may think!

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