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Photo Recap: You!

September 23, 2011

What a weekend!

We continue the Photo Recap with the heart and soul of our Revel shows — you!

Some Guests Enjoying Art in the Main Room

Crowd Gathers to Listen to Music on the Back Patio -- Look Carefully, The Speak Low (Rolando Valesquez) is listening!

A Young Revel Fan Enjoying Some of Andrew Cain's Work!

Discussing Some of Tina Horton's Work

Enjoying the Revel Bar (Proceeds Go to Help Pay for Future Shows)! Definitely Carded These Young Women!

Looking Through Some Casagrande Prints for Sale! Every Artist Had Multiple Pieces for $20 or less!

On the Stairwell Viewing Works by Marianne Bland. Further Up There Was Flash Fiction by David Semonchik and Julia Halprin-Jackson


Family Enjoying Tunes in Our Back Patio


Artist Marianne Bland (Who Showed Upstairs with Jim Marxen) Listening While Enjoying the Comfort of Our Kitchen

Music Sounding Better On the Floor! Enjoying The Speak Low's Set

Two of our volunteers drawing in the crowds from 20th and L -- Thanks Guys!



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