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October 2011 Art Show: Interview with Aimee Alexander

October 5, 2011

How did you get started with creating art?

When I was 3 months old I traced the pattern of my grandmother’s shirt with my finger.  I’ve been drawing crazy patterns ever since!  I really got into my current style one day when I was bored.  I had a Sharpie marker and a soda can and started drawing random circles.  Somehow it turned into this.
Where do you find your inspiration?
I think of most of my ideas while sitting in traffic.  I commute to the bay, so I have a lot of time to sketch things out in my head. I like intense chaos and movement.  Plain white walls bother me.  I’m always trying to re-design plain objects in my head to make them more interesting. If I run out of ideas I ask my facebook fan people.
What mediums do you use and why?
I use Sharpie markers because they are always available.  I can go to Walmart at midnight if I run out of a color.  And Sharpie sent me a huge box full last year that I am still working through. Sharpie had a contest on their blog & twitter.  I submitted my art and they sent me a huge supply of pens.
Where and how do you see yourself progressing in your creative life? What are your ambitions?
I want to turn my work into a line of greeting cards and gift products to wholesale to stores across the country.  I’m working hard on pulling my line together and obtaining sales reps to get my work out there.
What’s your ideal Saturday?
Sleeping til noon and then watching movies all day while I color!
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