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October 2011 Art Show: Interview with MiSchelle Coronado

October 5, 2011
How did you first get started in creating art?
I first started making fairy dolls which were encased in a large glass container. I dabbled in drawing a little bit but didn’t really get into it until about 4 years ago. I would spend a few hours a day in my garage working and it was my children who suggested I approach shop owners.
Why fairy dolls?
My inspiration for the dolls came from my vivid imagination of creatures other then ourselves being amongst us. Also, I guess my visit to a shop called The Mossy Bog in Jamestown where the owner and his wife are artists and they had every imaginable artist who did fairies on display. When you walk into the shop its like you’ve walked into a mystical forest, complete with life s trees and all. They’ve been all over the world seeking out fairies.

What inspires you?
My inspiration first started with Froud and his fairys, although, my children were and still are my true inspiration. Our society has all but done away with art in our schools and technology has all but done away with our children using their imaginations much. I want to make sure my kids use their imaginations and give way to the magical whimsy every now and then amongst all the seriousness they’ll have to tend with as up coming adults.
Was art a part of your own childhood?
Art and music were a big part of my childhood. My mother designed and made all of our doll outfits(and embarrassingly enough our clothes!) My parents encouraged us to sign up for and try any classes we wanted. Of course in the 60’s and 70’s we had allot more available in art and music and at an affordable price in our schools and we didn’t have all video and computer games so we needed and weren’t afraid to channel our imaginations in the arts.
I guess as a mother I want my children to keep that childlike outlook as long as possible. Of course my children don’t have to follow in my footsteps as far as my interest in my topics for art, as long as hopefully they have a drive of their own to find and at least try doing what form of art they might enjoy.
What mediums do you use?
I use photoshop and any and all types of fabric, crystals, etc to add the final layers to my pictures. Photoshop gives me incredible freedom and not to mention a better eraser when I mess up.
What are your professional goals?
I hope to have my own shop someday. My ambitions are I guess to keep art affordable to the public, continue lighting up peoples eyes and having an art venue available to my son if and when he decides he wants to learn.
What’s your ideal Saturday?
God my ideas on this have changed so much as time has gone by. Back in my twenties while living in Santa Cruz where music & art were so abundant and occasionally free ( it would be nothing to be at the Spring Fling Festival at the park and see Jonny Winter come out and play for free, or Phoebe Snow come on stage in jeans and a tee shirt and play for free.. So listening to good rock, blues or reggae with good friends, good food and other “natural” substances made for a wonderfull Saturday. Then I had children and became the “responsible”
parent worked non stop to support them, wich usually included weakends being  I was in the food industry.
I since then learned you can do what you have to do and not spend so much time away from your  children. Since being blessed with my last child at 44 I haven’t made old mistakes and feel the perfect Saturday is doing anything which involves hanging out with my son who is now 9. I learned life is so short and precious to be worried about what others think and the limits I consisting had placed on myself in the past to not try new things (bungy jumping, body surfing and learning to play the harmonica which I’m pretty good at if I might say so myself)) and most important to laugh whenever possible.
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